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Boost Your Health with the World’s Best Nitric Oxide Supplements!

(For Health, Wellness, Longevity, Energy, and to be Disease Free)

The Age-Defying Power of Nitric Oxide: Why You Need It NOW!

Did you know a groundbreaking discovery about Nitric Oxide won the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1998? Yet, a staggering 99% of people remain unaware of its paramount significance for health and wellness. Here’s why this “master signaling molecule” is your secret weapon against aging.

Nitric Oxide (NO) – The Health Powerhouse: NO plays pivotal roles like improving blood flow, boosting cognitive functions, enhancing sexual health, aiding digestion, and minimizing heart disease risks. Shockingly, by 60, we produce a mere 10% of the NO that we did at 20! While natural aging is inevitable, this drop in NO speeds up the process.

What this means is that Nitric Oxide is needed for something else to occur, by Dr Boger. “Nitric Oxide is the master signaling molecule of the cardiovascular system”. For example, vasodilation which is the relaxing of the vascular wall for improved blood flow, couldn’t occur without Nitric Oxide. Also wound healing, glucose metabolism for improved cognitive function, sexual health benefits both for men and women and especially for men and their ability to start and maintain an erection. It also includes, nerve function, digestion, lowering your risk for heart attacks and strokes by keeping platelet cells from sticking together. In other words, none of these health benefits could happen without Nitric Oxide. As you age Nitric Oxide production in your system reduces every year and when you are 60 years of age you are producing 10% of what you did at 20 years of age. And most importantly you cannot improve this with exercise, sleep, reducing stress, but you could if you ate foods that produce high amounts of arginine. However, that is difficult to do every day, complicated and expensive, and much easier and cheaper with an arginine supplement and far more effective. You could never reach what our supplements can do. This was studied by me, Dr. Boger, M.D. The difference was huge. See below! We start aging much faster as this Nitric Oxide production slows down. That is why middle age is really the start of faster aging.

There are multiple mechanisms by which the biological functions of NO may be diminished:

First, we need to have enough enzyme – Nitric Oxide synthase – in our endothelial cells. The Nitric Oxide synthase is like the engine of your sports car – when there is not enough enzyme within the cells, the system cannot work like a brand-new Porsche car, but rather like – let’s say – an old Tin Lizzy.

Second, this NO engine needs to have enough of the right fuel – racing car fuel, not gasoline – to go full power. For the Nitric Oxide synthase, L-arginine is the fuel from which it forms Nitric Oxide. Many people develop a deficiency in L-arginine during the course of their life. This may be due to malnutrition (fast food, high fat, high carbohydrates …), and high levels of ADMA, an inhibitor of NO synthase, may also cause relative L-arginine deficiency. Many people with cardiovascular risk factors like high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, diabetes, plaque buildup and other conditions are known to have high ADMA levels.

Third, and last, reactive oxygen species are produced when the vascular wall is not healthy. Oxygen radicals react with Nitric Oxide, leading to a loss of function of Nitric Oxide and to the production of peroxynitrite, a toxic reagent that destroys tissues and cells – this situation is known (and dreaded) as “nitrosative stress”. This comes from the ADMA destructive molecule that we all have, however each one of us has a different level of this molecule and it comes from our ancestors. There  are many people who die in their 50’s of heart disease because of it. The only remedy is Nitric Oxide from arginine.

The body loses its ability to build nitric oxide from L-arginine with advancing age. The problem is not that the body cannot convert L-arginine into nitric oxide anymore, as many self-declared “experts” believe – those who really performed the studies and gathered the scientific facts know that people at advanced age tend to have a lack of L-arginine or too much of ADMA – which blocks L-arginine from being converted to nitric oxide. Both too little L-arginine and too much ADMA therefore have the same biological effects on the body: endothelial dysfunction and vascular narrowing. And this can be overcome by L-arginine in the most specific way.

Some people claim that you can supply your body with enough L-arginine by eating a vegetarian diet. We have gathered the information here on which foods have the highest L-arginine content. This is publicly available information that everyone can check on the internet. However, we have gone one step further here: We have done the calculation of how much of a specific food you would need to eat every day in order to ingest a reasonable dose of 6 g of L-arginine. And further, we have also calculated how many calories this would bring along. Just remember that a normal healthy adult person is supposed to need about 2,000 kcal per day. The following table shows the numbers:

Cardio Wellness, Heart Wellness, and Nitric Oxide Plus the Best Nitric Oxide Boosters

The Cost of Natural L-arginine Sources: While some argue a vegetarian diet supplies sufficient L-arginine, our research proves otherwise. Here’s a comparative table of L-arginine food sources against our supplements:

Cost/month of each item: pumpkin seeds $65, peanuts $35, Raw almonds $94, pine nuts $485, lentils $36, hazel nuts $240, shrimp $244, beef steak $253, chicken breast $107, salmon $297, edam cheese $381, buck wheat $122, eggs $157.

Cost/month Nitric Oxide Plus $69.95, Cardio wellness $79.95, Heart Wellness $79.95 and the calories are 30 per day.

The Nobel Prize for medicine in 1998 was awarded for this knowledge and how Nitric Oxide is made only by the endothelium an organ in your 80,000 miles of vessels by L-arginine. The Nobel Prize specifically says Nitric Oxide is a master signaling molecule in the vascular system and that means your vessels. Without the signal the nitric oxide would not do its job, which is most important for your good health.

The outstanding benefits of the 3rd generation formula – Nitric Oxide Plus, Cardio Wellness and Heart Wellness.

Even the combination of L-arginine plus L-citrulline can improve just one out of three pathological conditions in the NO machinery (see above): It is the right fuel for the enzyme, the racing fuel.

The two other defects remain unchanged with L-arginine plus L-citrulline. However, the 3rd generation formula of the three products have been formulated based on scientific data to tackle all three problems:

These products contain a proprietary blend of herbal extracts that have been shown scientifically to increase the levels of the NO synthase enzyme. Using the image of the sports car, this is like exchanging the Tin Lizzy’s old engine with a new Porsche engine. Only now can the racing fuel – (the L- arginine plus L-citrulline) – deliver its full potential.

Nevertheless, the New Product formulas can do more: The proprietary blend of herbal extracts was designed to diminish toxic oxygen radials, and scientific data have shown that it does so.

These new products put the cells into a position to fight against toxic oxygen radicals coming from the outside, e.g. from inflammatory cells. The formula also blocks the de novo formation of oxygen radicals in the endothelial cells, and by this means this has a dual action against oxidative stress from inside and from outside of the cell.

And finally, they contain high quality L-arginine plus L-citrulline in the optimal dose ratio of 2 to 1 and 3 : 1. Thus, these supplements are the only ones on the market worldwide which addresses all three problems that may lead to Nitric Oxide deficiency – it is the super charged vehicle amongst all L-arginine supplements!