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Cardiovascular Disease and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn MD Researcher

Esselstyn was director of the Heart Disease Reversal Program at the Cleveland Clinic and is the author of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease in which he argued for a low-fat, whole foods, plant-based diet that avoids all animal products and oils.

After 20 years of research, Dr. Esselstyn of the Cleveland clinic concluded that animal protein was the cause of cardiovascular disease. He believed in vegetarianism. The problem was only a few were able to switch. There are only 3% of society that has made the switch. Then at the end of his research, he decided that arginine could be the answer.

Dr. Rainer Boger did an analysis on the differences between being a vegetarian or taking Nitric Oxide Plus. Not only was taking the supplement easier, it also was far more effective in producing Nitric Oxide and stopping the disease. To get all the arginine needed to stop and reverse the disease took a lot of time and effort and in the end was difficult to accomplish. Dr. Rainer Boger compared vegetarianism to taking a high-powered arginine product and the difference was like night and day. Nitric Oxide Plus was exactly what was needed to over come cardiovascular disease. And it is much easier and more effective in Nitric Oxide production.

The Current Lifestyle of the New Society

Most of the new society has been formulated from the computer. A large part of society is inactive during work. This lifestyle represents a major part of modern society, such as truck drivers, office workers, etc. There are 3.5 million truck drivers in the US. Most get very little exercise, and they are very susceptible to poor leg circulation and/or peripheral artery disease (PAD). Truck drivers who take arginine with the powerful Nitric Oxide Plus formula should not get this condition and those who have it can reverse it. This is important because this condition causes high blood pressure, and they must pass this high blood pressure test every 6 months and if they fail it, they cannot drive truck until they get the pressure down to normal.

Nitric Oxide Plus reduces high blood pressure. Think of a garden hose, when it is partially plugged up there is increased pressure. Also, when the hose cannot expand like in the winter, there is more pressure. Correcting both of these conditions reduces pressure. The same is for the vessels. When the vessels are clean and supple, there is normal pressure.

How Serious of a Problem is Cardiovascular Disease in the USA?

According to the latest information, cardiovascular disease affects 100,000,000 Americans and that heart disease affects 28,000,000 Americans. Almost 1,000,000 die every year from these two diseases. That is like 5 jumbo jets crashing every day without survivors. This is the number 1 case of death in the US. Many more deaths than cancer or covid.

In summary, there are arguments that favor a vegetarian diet (less cholesterol, more dietary fibers, etc.) for health. But regular food – be it vegetarian, meat, or seafood – is certainly not a means to cover the amount of L-arginine that is required for heart health. And other alternatives that are being promoted in the internet and by the media, like nitrites and beet root, do not act specifically top increase nitric oxide in the arteries. Remember that nitric oxide is a powerful molecule that may exert other, unwanted effects if released in places where it is not needed! For example, sepsis is a severe condition in which many patients experience a drop-in blood pressure (shock) that is caused by too much nitric oxide in the wrong place. You do not want that – you want as much nitric oxide as a young, healthy person has in the right place, namely in your arteries! And a young, healthy person’s arteries make nitric oxide from L-arginine in the endothelium. You can restore this by taking a science-based supplement that provides a long-term elevation of you blood L-arginine levels, like Nitric Oxide Plus. Nitric Oxide Plus contains other ingredients that are specifically put together to optimize the production of nitric oxide from L-arginine, in order to give you the fullest power of all nitric oxide supplements ever. This is what the scientific data show, and this is what the product is based upon.

Dr. Rainer Boger MD, Researcher and Professor
University of Hamburg, Germany