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Selling to Your Friends

Bob Weeks Story

How to Sell Your Friends Nitric Oxide Products!!

I want to tell you – I’ve been involved with sales all my life. I know I can teach you how to earn an extra $1,500 – $2,500 per month, month in and month out, with little effort – and – if you take it seriously much more! 

I have been involved with Arginine as a solution for Cardiovascular Disease for over 15 years. I started when there were only 2 companies selling Arginine and now there are hundreds.

The truth is – all the other Arginine product providers have inferior products. When you have the best scientific evidence and the #1 doctor in the world, as we have, it is easy to sell our products.

You want the very best for your customers. If you researched all 500 companies, you would not find a research scientist formulating their product, let alone in the top 15 out of 60,000 researchers. We have the very best and you can know that if you will read the material.

I want to tell you some things about me, so that you will listen to me. I think you will agree, I should be able to give you some ideas on selling.