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Bob's Calcified Plaque Test Results

A New Chapter to the Life and Progress of Bob Weeks

Seven years ago, January 2017, my brother Ken Weeks who was a great brother and a significant part of the company, died of a heart attack. He took our product Arginine Cardio, but it gave him migraine headaches. We discovered about 6 months before he died what cases the headaches. It was curcumin. We made a special product for him; however, it did not work.  After his heart attack, he was kept alive for 3 weeks in intensive care, but he was brain dead in the end. Ken was 12 years younger than me. We wanted to determine the cause of Ken’s death – based on the results of the testing – they concluded Ken died from a piece of calcified plaque that broke off and went into his heart and caused the event.

Dr. Boger was not shocked that the product did not clean out calcified plaque. (Calcified Plaque is very difficult to clean out.) I went in for a heart scan and discovered I had the same condition. Dr. Boger did not have an answer. I discovered there had been some science on Vitamin D3 and K2 in the form of MK7. We then adjusted the formula to include that. The next year I went in for another scan and discovered my plaque score went up, not down. And, in fact, I was in the percentile of 80% of the people my age with less calcified plaque. I reviewed this with MBI, my new manufacturer, and he advised me that we had the wrong manufacturing system and that it took a special mixing machine to disseminate the K2 because in was in micrograms. We then ordered the addition again and increased the amounts. I took it for 1 more year and had another test done and I had again increased the calcified plaque score, in fact about a 20% increase. Another 2 years went by, the score was increasing every year.

The next year I received a jar of product from a Linas Pauling formula that was designed to reduce calcified plaque. I did the research and discovered that Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD, had studied this issue for years and had written 4 books on Vitamin C and Pauling science. In fact, there  were 488 studies going back to the 1940s. There were 68 diseases that were addressed (cured), but that cannot be used for a nutraceutical by dicta. He had proof that the origin of ALL coronary Heart Disease is a clearly reversible- “Arterial Scurvy”. At that juncture I decided to take vitamin C at 6,000 mgs/day with Cardio Wellness. Then 6 months later I changed the formula and put in 3,000 mgs/day  of Vitamin C in Cardio Wellness and Heart Wellness and 1,000 mg/day in Nitric Oxide Plus.

I just had my 5th heart scan this month of March 2024. I was nervous to say the least. The results were that I had reduced my calcified plaque by 10%. I was a little discouraged until I came to my senses that I had stopped a 15% increase and reduced 10%, that is a 25% difference.

For this next year I will change my diet and take 6,000 mgs/day by taking 2 scoops 2 times per day. I am very grateful to have found the answer.


Robert Weeks Heart Scan yearly comparisons:

·         2018 total score 755.61

·         2019 total score 783.00

·         2023  Jan total score 1128.87

·         2023 May total score1129.94

·         2024 march total score 1028.48

From 2018 to 2023 the increase was 369, that increase was  48.74% over 5 years. That was an average of 9.75% increase per year.

From 2023 to 2024 the decrease 106.46 or 10.4%.  The average increase of 9.75% over 5 years added to the decrease of 10.40% equals a total difference from 2023 to 2024 of 20.15%.

The difference was the 3,000 mgs of Vitamin C/day added to Cardio Wellness.


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