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Dive into the Science: Cardio Wellness Detailed

Why Do Many Consider Cardio Wellness Essential for Supporting Healthy Circulation, Brain Function, and Inflammation Response?

Cardio and Heart Wellness the Best Nitric Oxide Boosters Reduce Inflammation

We are the only L-arginine and L-citrulline product on the market that understands inflammation and uses nutraceuticals to reduce inflammation.  Cardio Wellness uses 100 mgs/day, 98% pure curcumin which is many times more effective than just turmeric. Aging is a progressive degenerative process tightly integrated with inflammation. A number of studies have been developed that attempt to define the role of chronic inflammation in aging: redox stress, mitochondrial damage, immunosenescence, endocrinosenescence, epigenetic modifications, and age-related diseases. However, no single study explains all aspects of aging; instead, it is likely that multiple processes contribute and that all are intertwined with inflammatory responses. Environmental and lifestyle effectors of inflammation may also contribute to modulation of both inflammation and age-related dysfunction.

Another ingredient that reduces inflammation is resveratrol. The formula uses 100 mgs per day of 98% pure resveratrol. This is designed to reduce inflammation and free radical damage to vessels.

This much we know, as we age we take on more inflammation and our body has a harder time reducing this state. As Cardio Wellness reduces the high blood pressure with the proper ratio of L-arginine and L-citrulline as it needs to reduce the inflammation as well. Now, here’s the part that we want you to understand completely. You can be making progress with your blood vessels becoming more flexible and the soft plague and hard calcified plaque reduction occurring, however if the body is left in the inflammatory state, you can still have high blood pressure. It’s possible you actually cleaned up your blood vessels, but still suffer from high blood pressure due to inflammation. Cardio Wellness formula takes one more step and that is we make sure the curcumin is digesting at the maximin rate possible by adding in Bio-Perine. This makes the other ingredients in the formula and the curcumin 46 times more digestible. This Bio-perine is a standardized piperine composition derived from black pepper extract.

This active ingredient extracted is very commonly cultivated in India. Bio-perine can be very helpful in improving an individual’s health. An individual who has less amounts of Bio-perine in their body may suffer from joint pain, fatigue and in severe cases its deficiency can cause a stroke. Bio-perine also helps in the absorption of the nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract. Bio-perine which is the active ingredient in the black pepper can be helpful in increasing the level of vitamin B6 concentration in the blood. CoQ-10 (Ubiquinol), and resveratrol all have an increase of effectiveness in the body of the individual who takes Bio-perine. One of the biggest benefits of Bio-perine is that it increases the bio availability of different useful ingredients in all forms of food and that is why we put it in our formula of Cardio Wellness. Bio-perine can also increase the amount of vitamin C in the body. Vitamin C is also used in antioxidant reactions, which are occurring in the human body. All these micronutrients are boosted by the Bio-perine.

The research is just beginning to shed light on its remarkable antioxidant curcumin ability to help eliminate the oxidized stress at a cellular level and reduce the inflammation to the brain and the heart.

Here is what happens to the body when it is free of inflammation:


  • Healthy Homocysteine Levels.
  • Healthy Circulation
  • Healthy Blood Pressure
  • Healthy Cholesterol Ratios.
  • Healthy Triglycerides.
  • Supports Healthy Brain Function.
  • ATP (cellular) Energy Production.
  • Protection Against LDL Oxidation