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Part 2 of The Bob Weeks Story

Through the years my story has changed as I became more informed and research advanced on health and aging.
It was nice to hear from so many of you after the email on “The Bob Weeks Story”.
Knowing what I know now, my brother who was 14 years younger and my mother in 1968 would never have died. That is, IF they had followed the science. That’s a big “IF” and frankly being involved for 15 years in this health quest, and talking with thousands of people, I have come to the conclusion that most people cannot engage and commit sufficiently to heal themselves.
The fact that you’re reading this gives you an edge to success.
Ten years ago, I spent $25,000 in Las Vegas at the Dale Webb Senior Community Center I contacted 16,000 residences in the area offering to give away cardiovascular tests worth $3,000 per test. (the going rate at hospitals.) We had 200 people show up. We were NOT requiring any commitments – we were simply hoping to bring cardiovascular health to the attention of as many people as we could and let them know about our natural treatments. I had flown 4 teams into Vegas for this event. And as I mentioned, sadly, only 200 people showed up.
The Most Revealing Lesson for Us Was – the Responses to Possibly Living Longer
In almost every case – people did not want to extend their life, especially if they had health problems. I have since thought about that issue and have decided that, “if people could correct their health issues – they would want to live longer”.
Before I tell you the rest of my story, know that I am not promoting anything but arginine and Vitamin D3 sprays. However, I am going to tell you some things that are worthy of your consideration.
I Have Researched This Subject Extensively
David Sinclair, PhD and 30-year researcher at Harvard, has written and published the culmination of his and many other researchers worldwide on why we age. My research also includes the research of Dr. David Agus M.D., Dr. Linus Pauling M.D., PhD. and Dr. Rainer Böger M.D. In his book, “Lifespan” (2019), David Sinclair introduces a program which he believes, from all the research, if you are 80 or less this program will get you to 125 years old – all while staying energetic and active in the process.
AND, coming down the pike is a program to get the 60 to 80 year old’s to 150 years old, yes, this new program by Dr. Sinclair is in the works now! There are many genes responsible for extending life. Dr. Sinclair is 50 years old and works and plays as if a 30-year-old. His father is 80 years old and lives like a 50-year-old, hikes all over the world, travels all over the world. Wonderful!!
A word about Dr. Sinclair’s Research
David Sinclair is so famous because of what he discovered in researching aging. He is Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School. TIME magazine named him “one of the 100 most influential people in the world” and among the “Top 50 people in Healthcare” (2018). He has received more than 35 awards for his research and major scientific breakthroughs, including NIH Director’s Pioneer Award. He has been featured on 60 minutes, Today, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and many other papers.
As mentioned, David coordinates the research on aging with many other institutions worldwide. If you question his research, read his book. I’ve read it 3 times. I believe his research has withstood the scientific peer review analysis. This is why he is so famous today. I see his research everywhere.
  1. David Sinclair claims that aging is a disease and that there is no gene that causes aging. Our life-style, pollution, diet, weight, exercise, sleep and other factors cause us to age. Some of the other factors are nutraceuticals which he has added to the health items he takes himself.
  2. He discovered that sponge genetics are somewhat similar to humans. The most important part of that discovery is they have a very short life expectancy, and as such he could study how to affect their life expectancy very fast. To use humans would have taken many years for each discovery. Once the discovery was made, he could apply it to animals and then to humans.
Having said all this, I have incorporated many of his scientific discoveries into my daily life.
They’re not difficult to do – in fact they’re pretty easy. The science behind the nutraceuticals is exciting.
So, Here Is What I Do To Take Care of My Health
1. I exercise 5 days per week on average, sometimes more. I go walking, cycling (both on the road and in my bedroom in front of the TV). It’s important to do the “Sprint 8 Exercises”. (there is a book on the “Sprint 8 Exercises”), basically you do this exercise 8 times in 30 minutes, take your heart to over 100-140 beats/min based on age, for up to 1 minute and then back off on the exertion for about 2 minutes down to 70 beats/min. This rebuilds your leg muscles (fast twix) so you can jump or run again. You lose leg muscles over time as you age.
I also go to the gym 1 or 2 times each week, this is for muscle strengthening, most important as you age (both for strength and health). Strengthening your leg muscles is extremely important. Both my father and grandfather lost their legs in their 70’s. My two best friends also lost their legs and their quality of life really changed. Both died as a result.
To build your immunity – it’s important to use the steam room one time per week, as well as take “hot to cold showers” at least 1 time each week.
2. My menu. First, you must know that cardiovascular disease is caused by animal protein which includes fish, dairy and red meat. For years it was believed that the only way to defeat this was by becoming a vegetarian. Then after 20 years of scientific research by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn at the Cleveland Clinic, and knowing people would rather die than give up the foods that cause heart disease, science proved that arginine could do a better job than vegetarianism (only 3% of the population has achieved a vegetarian life-style).
My diet is composed of various animal proteins in small amounts (not every day), carbohydrates (mostly complex which cuts out sugar and breads from white flour), all fruits and vegetables as often as possible. (No fruit juices. I mix vegetables of all colors.)
NOTE: Many people believe in organic foods and no GMO foods. The science is not there that these items can affect your health or longevity. If you can afford it, go the organic route. I mix it up, but please know that when you go out to eat you are not getting organic or wild fish (possibly some wild because of varieties non-farmed) and you’re certainly being served GMO foods.
I take an arginine product called Cardio Wellness made by twice daily in the right amounts and ratios formulated with other nutraceuticals that really do the job to reverse cardiovascular disease and heart disease.

It’s truly alarming that 28,000,000 people in the US
have congestive heart failure and 100,000,000 people have
atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis.
High Blood Pressure Is The Issue!

(We are planning to do a clinical study on both of these issues, heart failure and atherosclerosis, sometime in the next 12 months.)
I also take a powdered nutrient rich protein powder, but not every day. You can buy it everywhere. (Mix it with fruits mostly berries, frozen is good) I take a powder made by MBI Nutraceuticals, called “Bio-Pro” based in Lindon, UT (800-321-3740). The owner is a Biochemist and knows his stuff. It has about 35 vitamins and minerals plus soy protein.
I have cut way back on dairy because of calcified plaque buildup in my heart. That’s what killed my brother. I do not drink milk and have cut way back on cheese, however, I love sauces made with cream having been in the restaurant business for over 10 years. I am also cognizant of my weight and work on keeping my BMI under 30. Calcified plaque can be reduced with vitamin k2 and vitamin D3, both of which are in our arginine products.
3. Supplements – This is a complicated subject. I constantly research these so-called solutions to health conditions. The most difficult part is knowing what we really need and trusting the supplier to give us high quality ingredients (since becoming a manufacture 2 years ago, I have learned a lot about quality, almost all companies refrain from telling you exactly what the purity is, they say high quality, which means nothing).

This next statement is the most important:

Natural food is many times more effective and has better nutrient value than supplements.

The supplement industry cannot produce what nature does. If you are getting a balanced diet, you do not need many nutraceuticals. Don’t get lazy and think the health solution is in a pill.

That being said, this is my regiment:

  • Arginine Cardio 2 times per day
  • 1,000 mgs of Turmeric/Curcumin (youtheory)
  • 1,000 mgs Vitamin C
  • 1,000 mgs Resveratrol (98% pure)
  • 1,000 mgs of Bebeerine
  • 1,000 mgs Artic Ruby Oil (made from Calanus)
  • 5,000 IU’s/day Vitamin D3 in spray form
    (You need to get your D3 level up above 60 NG/ML, you will find it difficult to do that with
    pills and we sell these Vitamin D3 sprays. D3 is important to stave off disease. The
    diseases most dangerous are covid, cancer, dementia, and organ failure.)
The most prevalent disease is cardiovascular disease and our 3 products can be an answer to that. I will tell you about each of these nutraceuticals in the next email.
4. Mind Exercise – Avoid Dementia – This is a most important subject if you want to age youthfully. There are lots of pills and regiments. Most do not work according to the experts. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, M.D. says the best thing is a good pillow and exercise. He has a new book out about the brain and dementia. “Keep Sharp” build a better brain at any age.
I have learned 2 other languages in my life, French and Spanish. French when I was 21 and Spanish when I was 50. My French is really rusty, and I have reengaged to learn it with Rosetta Stone. Apparently learning a language is the best exercise for the brain and especially curbing dementia. Cross word puzzles are also good, however, I like language better.
5. Adequate Sleep. You need to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. And most importantly 5 hours’ worth without interruption. Reduce your liquid intake in the evening.
I am happy to complete the rest of my story here with you. I hope I have not offended anyone. There are so many charlatans and know it all’s. My answers are not everybody’s answers. However, these have worked for me. The book “Lifespan” by the scientist/researcher David Sinclair, PhD, was really eye opening.
I hope these ideas can be of help to you, in your health and longevity journey. I will explain in a subsequent email the reason for every one of these nutraceuticals, diet, exercise and health concepts and how they play into longevity and health.
If you can live longer, it has to be in good health. To have good health takes time, money, discipline, and a commitment. There are probably many other supplements that are worth taking, but money, time and need must be there. Many people take too many pharmaceuticals and are sick because of them. They certainly have their place.
There is nothing better than being informed on facts and science.
Best to You in Health
Bob Weeks