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Dear Customer;

I want to discuss something that is very important and dear to me with you.

I’ve been involved with arginine as a maker of Nitric Oxide since 2010, that’s 13 years.

After my own battle with cardiovascular health and a long business career (which was challenged by politics and economic conditions), I landed in the health industry which has gone through its own ups and downs and changes as the science research forced changes.

After 10 years with Dr. Rainer Boger, MD, and his challenges with the German government, we have landed on an improvement to our products that is a real game changer. This change is like shooting a howitzer at the enemy in lieu of a rifle. The change has occurred because of 488 scientific studies on the benefits of large doses of Vitamin C combined with the benefits of our 3rd generation formula of Nitric Oxide.

Our new formula will super enhance your success of reversing and stopping many aspects of cardiovascular disease and heart disease. This will change your need for numerous medications. This will add years to your life and life to your years. We have listed 67 Vitamin C health benefits here on our website. These benefits have 488 scientific studies going back to the 1940s. Combing these benefits with the benefits of Nitric Oxide makes for the most powerful benefit for your health imaginable. (Nitric Oxide’s 89 health benefits)

You see, the human body cannot make Vitamin C, while almost all other species make Vitamin C. This evolutionary quirk causes the human body, when there is a lack of Vitamin C, to let animal protein, sugar, and simple carbohydrates become destructive and likely initiate cardiovascular disease and heart disease issues in the body. There are many health issues caused by a lack of Vitamin C in the body.

However, Vitamin C in the body in the right amounts helps stop and reverse these diseases and the Nitric Oxide also benefits the body by feeding the cells the food they need to operate at top performance throughout their ongoing 90-day cycle of replication. This is why our new formulas are a longevity and a super health benefit.

Please, enjoy our product, enjoy your life in health.

Best to you –
Bob Weeks